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Kidamentals Nutrition for Children information is provided by Registered Dietitian and West Seattle resident, Amy Higbee.

Amy Higbee, RD CD

Kidamentals strives to help parents build a favorable mindset for nutrition in children which will grow into a healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood.

One great way for parents to help instill this healthy lifestyle for kids is to simply be a role model by including healthy food and exercise in their own lives (talk about a win-win!).

Although being a role model is a great start, parents also struggle with the willingness of children to try new foods. Kidamentals recommends that parents offer many, different healthy foods to kids on a regular basis. Even though the children may not eat everything immediately, it will eventually help kids to be more accepting to trying new healthy foods.

Giving kids the tools and a positive mindset at an early age will improve their chances of growing up to embrace a healthy attitude about eating.

Kidamentals provides a great resource to:

  • Learn about healthy nutrition for children
  • Find recipes that are fun, quick, and often times healthier
  • Find fun activities and games to play with kids in the kitchen
  • Help families meet special nutritional needs
  • And more!

If you'd like to contact Amy Higbee (RD, CD) to discuss children nutrition or get answers to your questions about healthy eating for kids, you can email us here

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