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Seattle Preschools and Early Childhood Education

Kidamentals is the Seattle area’s guide to early childhood education. 

Choosing a preschool can be a stressful decision. Understanding the various preschool styles, while considering the costs of preschool and if the “preschool is near me” are just the start. Kidamentals provides simple information to help parents understand how to choose a preschool that fits their family’s needs. Review Kidamentals information on Choosing a Preschool here

Ensuring your child is ready to enter kindergarten in Seattle and thrive is one of your primary desires from preschool.  Luckily, there are many organizations and researchers who have thoroughly investigated and documented what exactly “kindergarten readiness” entails. However, deciphering the vast array of data on kindergarten readiness is too much for parents who, as you know, have very limited time. Kidamentals provides a very simple and quick resource for parents to understand kindergarten readiness. Kidamentals also provides links to other credentialed kindergarten readiness resources from Seattle Public Schools, Washington State Department of Early Learning, and WaKIDS. View the Kidamentals information on Kindergarten Readiness here 

Educators and scientists agree that having specific personality and character traits are paramount to success in education and life. A quality preschool program can begin the process of helping these essential life skills and traits flourish.  When searching for a preschool in West Seattle, Kidamentals recommends that parents consider how preschools help children build proper social-emotional skills in addition to desired academic learnings.   View the Kidamentals information on Essential Life Skills and Traits for Children here

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Kidamentals helps you quickly and simply find information to raise a happy, healthy, educated, successful, confident and caring child.

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