One Change to Build a Better Hamburger for Kids

Healthy Kids Hamburger
Try this easy substitution the next time you throw a barbecue and your family and guests will have no idea their great-tasting hamburger also contains a hidden healthy bonus!

Replace roughly one-third of your burger mixture with finely chopped mushrooms! They are virtually undetectable, even if your family doesn’t normally like mushrooms! My son, who does not like mushrooms, actually ate a leftover patty straight out of the fridge, cold, without any condiments the following day.

Adding chopped mushrooms to your hamburgers helps protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and boosts the immune system by decreasing the overall fat content of the burger. Adding mushrooms also adds a powerful punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

You could substitute other vegetables for mushrooms, such as zucchini. I choose mushrooms because their meaty texture and mild flavor blends well with the burger. I like to search for vegetables that my kids won’t eat on their own. For example, I wouldn’t bother adding carrots because my kids will eat those every day straight out of the bag.

You don’t even have to precook the mushrooms! Just chop them very finely by hand or in a food processor and mix them in! When determining the amount, do a ratio using volume – I just eyeball it. So, if you have about two cups of ground beef, add one cup of mushrooms. Adding more is fine of course, but too much and you run the risk of the hamburger not sticking together and slipping through the grates on your barbecue!

Cook just as you would a regular Hamburger.

The mushrooms will blend with a lot of other burger recipes as well, so go for it if you’re working on a gourmet burger for your kids – so many possibilities. I love adding a little bit of sautéed onions and garlic, however, I usually don’t have time to do it!