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Chess for Kids Fun GamesSometimes the oldest games can be the best. Chess has been around for approximately 1500 years and is enjoyed worldwide. But Chess is more than just a game. Chess provides many benefits to the children who take it on. Consider what it takes to play the game. Concentration. Focus. Recognition of patterns. Patience. Planning. Learning. The list goes on.

Research has also been conducted that further proves the benefits of Chess to children’s development.

For some parents the idea of teaching Chess to their children is daunting as it is a hard game to learn! However, there are many resources available, such as:

  • Online
  • Chess Clubs
  • School

If you are looking for an online resource for your child, check out:

If you choose to look for a local Chess Club, your best option is to simply Google for a local kids chess club. For example, a search for “Seattle chess club for kids” turns up several pages worth of options. One such option happens to be Chess 4 Life at

Chess 4 Life’s mission is “Teaching Life Skills Through Chess” ( It is hard to find an organization with a better mission than that! Chess 4 Life

How old should your child be before they begin learning Chess? Of course if your child's introduction to Chess is through school, they will typically be older. Many grade schools do not have chess clubs or chess instruction but by the time middle school rolls around, chess is prevalent.

As for how young your child can be, introduction to the game can come as young as four or five year’s old. It is more difficult for kids this young to focus on learning the game, but that also happens to be one of the benefits of being taught the game.

Kidamentals is consistently looking for fun games and activities that promote healthy habits, education, and happiness. Clearly, Chess meets the criteria to be a recommended activity for you to consider for your child.

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