Tips for Parents to Encourage Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Tips for KidsHelping your kids understand the benefits of eating healthy starts early. Using the term “Everyday Foods” versus “Sometimes Foods” is a nice, easily-understood concept that you can throw in the conversation occasionally during meals.

I explain everyday foods to my kids by saying they “help us grow strong, healthy, smart and give us energy to do everything we like to do”. I often call these foods “Everyday, Growing” foods to drive that concept home.

I explain sometimes foods, like cake and ice cream, as “foods that taste good and are fun to eat but they don’t help our bodies grow healthy so we only eat them on special occasions and in small amounts”.

I have to admit that this can backfire at times, like the other day when my preschooler told me that chocolate was a good Everyday, Growing food… and inwardly I had to agree with him since it is a regular, necessary part of my diet!