Kidamentals on Academics & Intellect for Kids

Whether it's a toddler working on speaking skills or kindergartner learning how to read, we all take joy and pride in watching our children's intellect and intelligence grow.

From math through science, reading, writing, and language skills, Kidamentals is a resource for parents to find information and learn about enhancing early childhood education.


Kidamentals on Personality & Character Traits

Educators and scientists agree that having specific personality and character traits are as important, if not more important, than intellect when it comes to success in education and life. These traits go by many names but are familiar to all of us:

  • Persistence or Grit
  • Enthusiasm or Zest
  • Self-Control or Focus
  • Inquisitive or Curious

Kidamentals is a resource to learn about cultivating traits that provide children with the best opportunity for a happy, fulfilling, successful and meaningful life. 

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