Let the Kids Play – Toddler Kitchen Games!

Kitchen Plan for KidsAllowing young kids to play with kitchen tools can be a great sensory experience as well as encourage interest and excitement about cooking and eating. And it can give you a few minutes in the kitchen to get some meal preparation done without a toddler clinging to your legs… priceless!

Kitchen Play Activity 1:


  • 2 or 4 cup liquid measuring cup (approximately half full of water)
  • Muffin tin
  • Turkey baster
  • Water
  • Cookie sheet


Fill the measuring cup with about 2 cups of water. Place all of the materials in the cookie sheet and watch your child do some creative water play as they move water into the muffin tin. Kids love to pour and this gives them some good, not-too-messy practice too! Pretty soon they will be pouring their own drinks, which one mom told me is “life-changing”!

Kitchen Play Activity 2:


  • Rice, pasta or beans, uncooked
  • Stacking measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Cookie sheet or large bin

Place all utensils and materials inside the cookie sheet or bin. Add the rice, pasta or beans. I use about 2 cups worth but if you’re willing to clean up more, then have at it! Watch as your child does some creative kids play by moving different materials to different places. This is also a fun way for children to learn math concepts as they pour the food into different sized containers.