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Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas for KidsI love to bake and wrap presents. However, I don’t love to add to everyone’s growing pile of sweets and treats that come from so many good-hearted friends, family and events.

While we do eat Christmas sweets and treats (in moderation as much as possible, depending on how tired I am and my level of willpower), I challenge myself to make edible gifts that look and taste wonderful but also provide some healthy nourishment during this fun and exhausting holiday season. I have to ship many of my gifts too so they have to be something that can keep for a few days.

Here are 8 of my favorite Homemade Gifts that are Healthy and Delicious!

  1. Popcorn balls – Made with peanut butter and honey or traditional caramel popcorn with half of the sugary topping. Popcorn is a good source of fiber and combining it with protein-packed peanut butter makes a yummy, long-lasting snack
  2. Homemade Pancake Mix – I made this one year using whole wheat flour for fiber and added all of the Smores components in separate bags for fun. I use my favorite pancake recipe, combining the dry ingredients in a bag and printing the recipe for the receiver to later add the wet ingredients
  3. Granola – Great for snacking or a hearty breakfast
  4. Homemade Muffin Mix – Just like the pancake mix, I combine the dry ingredients in a bag or jar and provide the recipe. This is a nice time-saver for the baker who doesn’t like to buy the boxed mixes from the store!
  5. Roasted Nuts – These look pretty in party bags wrapped with ribbon. Spiced, seasoned, and/or sweetened, everyone loves these (and if by chance they don’t, the nuts are a great addition to a party buffet)
  6. Oatmeal Cookies – At least these cookies have oatmeal in them!!
  7. Bean Soup Mix – Obviously not a good choice for a family with kids, but nice for grown-ups!
  8. Trail Mix – Provides a power punch snack to fuel those extra holiday tasks!

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