Nuts for Kids!

Nuts for KidsIt was a happy day when my son could finally eat those hard-to-chew foods and so many more options for snacks opened up! Still waiting to get there with my daughter!

One of those wonderful but harder to chew, easily portable, no refrigeration needed, healthy snacks are nuts! Nuts offer a snack filled with protein to keep the kiddos full of energy for a while. They are also packed with antioxidants to help protect against illness. Some experts believe balanced diets high in varied antioxidants from natural sources (food, not pills!) not only protect against long-term illnesses such as cancer but may even protect against or lessen the effects of everyday sicknesses like colds!

I usually like to pair the nuts with fresh or dried fruit for some color appeal. Giving my son nuts in a shell creates a fun activity to keep him amused for a while… I usually crack some of them open to get him started so he isn’t starving and frustrated with trying to open a shell for one measly nut at a time!

My daughter doesn’t have all of her teeth yet, so I’m still waiting to give her whole nuts. I do like exposing her to different nuts however, in different nut butters and also ground up in dishes or baked goods.