Map of Seattle Preschools

Bright Water Waldorf School

1501 10th Avenue East, 98102 Seattle, Washington, United States

Address:  1501 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA

Phone:  (206) 624-6176


Neighborhood:  Volunteer Park

Ages:  1 to 5+

Hours:  Part Day / Full Day  

Philosophy:  Waldorf 

Bright Water Waldorf School offers the following programs:

  • A Parent and Child class for toddlers and their parents
  • A Preschool and Kindergarten program that provides both full and half-day options
  • A Grade School serving grades one through eight

Bright Water Waldorf School is located in the beautiful and historic St. Nicholas Building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The gardens in the courtyard and the playgrounds surrounding the school have been extensively renovated. Nearby Volunteer Park provides acres of playing fields and outdoor enrichment.

As a Seattle-based Waldorf school, we are part of an active and growing Waldorf network in the Pacific Northwest. Students come from the entire metropolitan region.

What does Bright Water Waldorf School feel like?

  • Students at Bright Water Waldorf School experience a deeply caring community of teachers and peers.
  • Bright Water Waldorf School’s balanced program of practical skills, movement, music, art, world languages, and academics addresses the whole child.
  • Faculty members work closely with students, helping them to learn academic discipline and responsibility, and teaching them how to work independently.
  • Most of all, the close relationships at our school help students develop a strong sense of themselves and a compassionate awareness of others.