Map of Seattle Preschools

Capitol Hill Cooperative Preschool

1200 10th Avenue East, 98102 Seattle, Washington, United States

Address:  1200 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA

Phone:  (206) 324-2944


Neighborhood:  Volunteer Park

Ages:  1 to 5

Hours:   Part Day / Full Day 

Philosophy:  Cooperative 

The Coop model thrives from joint teacher and parent interactions and ownership of the preschool.  Each class has a professional teacher as well as expectations on parental involvement, such as "working" in the classroom at least weekly on a schedule appropriate for the age of the children.  A caregiver such as a grandparent or nanny is allowed to participate instead of a parent if that works best for your schedule.

In addition, there is a monthly parent education meeting where professional parent educators from the Seattle Central College lead a discussion on topics selected by the parents.  Our parents have found the Coop a compelling and rewarding model when we all work together to provide the best learning and play environment for our children.

Children will:

  • Be honored and celebrated for who they are at the present moment
  • Learn, grow and engage through play
  • Have a successful early experience with school
  • Develop independence and self-esteem while respecting the rights of others
  • Become socialized, positively, by making friends, taking turns, etc.
  • Develop verbal, cognitive, large and small motor skills
  • Learn to emotionally regulate themselves
  • Be ready for Kindergarten by the end of their Coop experience