Map of Seattle Preschools

Illuminate School

914 East Miller Street, 98102 Seattle, Washington, United States

Address:  914 E Miller St, Seattle, WA

Phone:  (206) 568-7280


Neighborhood:  North Capitol Hill 

Ages:  3 to 5 

Hours:  Part Day

Philosophy:  Self Developed 

Our school offers healthy cognitive enrichment as well as positive social interaction with a focus on community.  We are an enriched Montessori preschool for children ages 3-5 years.   The classroom focuses on individually-paced learning and development. The goal is to help each child enhance their joy of learning and sense of pride in their accomplishments.

While we value the Montessori Method of learning and have integrated it into our school, we also incorporate other beneficial aspects of more recently developed early childhood education into our curriculum. We believe that foundational learning skills and habits are vital, as well as celebrating the wonder of being a preschooler, and all that it entails!

Your child's day will consist of individual as well as group activities. Their individual work will be monitored by the teacher who observes and recognizes each child’s progress, and will give new lessons that further your child’s understanding of the world around them. This process is done at your child’s own pace. 

Illuminate School is a program that offers a terrific academic program, but acknowledges the wonderful benefits that additional activities can bring to the classroom.