Map of Seattle Preschools

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool

1898 43rd Ave East, Seattle, WA, United States

Address:  1898 43rd Ave E, Seattle, WA

Phone:  (206) 324-7846


Neighborhood:  Madison Park 

Ages:  1 to 4 

Hours:  Part Day

Philosophy:  Cooperative 

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool is located at the historic bathhouse on the shores of Lake Washington. Founded in 1970, MPCP has provided families with a nurturing and supportive community, making their child’s first school experience a positive and enduring one.

According to our nation’s leading educators, a key indicator of quality is the significance of play in a program’s philosophy. Young children learn best by play – by actively thinking, experimenting, exploring and manipulating their environment – to make sense of their world, to understand and negotiate relationships, to develop creative thinking and to build a positive sense of themselves and their significance to a community.

Play provides the important foundations for academic learning in the later years and is central to all aspects of a child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Child-directed, teacher-facilitated play is central to all aspects of the Madison Park Cooperative Preschool curriculum. In addition, parents and caregivers gain useful information and guidance techniques with the support of Parent Educators.