Map of Seattle Preschools

Seattle's Progressive Preschool

3201 East Republican Street, 98112 Seattle, Washington, United States

Address:  3201 E Republican St, Seattle, WA

Phone:  (206) 605-1866


Neighborhood:   Madrona

Ages:   1 to 5

Hours:   Part Day

Philosophy:   Play-based

Seattle’s Progressive Preschool embraces a play-based curriculum. Preschool children learn many social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, and conflict resolution, through play. These skills are critical to their educational success: Children who master these skills before kindergarten entry are able to focus on the increasingly academic nature of the early elementary school curriculum.

Emotion coaching teaches children to identify their emotions and become comfortable with them, leading to greater ease of self-regulating, communicating their feelings, and finding empathy for the feelings of others.

Our play-based curriculum is balanced with more structured activities, giving children a good balance of educational approaches.

Students interests are captured and built upon throughout the year, using an emergent curriculum focus. This enables interests to be capitalized and expanded to provide connective learning experiences.

SPP’s goal is to give children a positive first experience with school, fostering a love of learning. Our activities help them to develop independence and self-esteem, social skills, and cognitive, large and fine motor skills, all while fostering a commitment to the environment and social justice.