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Auntie's Playhouse Childcare Center

19805 1st Avenue South, 98148 Normandy Park, Washington, United States

Age Range:  Infant to 5

Hours:  Part Day / Full Day

Phone:  (206) 592-6141 


Neighborhood:  Normandy Park

Address:  19805 1st Ave S, Normandy Park

About Us:

Auntie's Playhouse provides childcare and preschool in Normandy Park.

Your preschooler will develop a love of learning while working & playing diligently in Auntie’s Preschools’ developmentally appropriate, interactive-hands-on Early Childhood Development Center. Language Arts, Math, Music, and Science concepts are presented in fun and exciting ways that encourage self-discovery and confidence. The use of songs, games, and art projects ensure that children are learning in a fun and enriching environment.

Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten and beyond with physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills developed through our self-confidence building preschool curriculum.

When your child learns or acquires a new skill, we will encourage its development. We will encourage your child to develop at his/her own pace in a preschool environment that stimulates the seeking of knowledge, asking of questions and exploration. We encourage your child to explore, learn & master age appropriate skills.
Preschool (2 years to 5 years):
• Your 2 to 3-year-old: At this age your child will become more active, verbal and independent with a strong desire to do things for him/herself. We encourage appropriate development for your 2-3-year-old with lots of hand-on opportunities to explore inside and outside while developing physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.
• Your 3 to 4-year-old: At this age your child’s imagination really begins to blossom. We’ll stimulate your three-year old’s imagination with daily reading, dramatic play centers, table toys and lots of open ended hands-on experiences.
• Your 4 to 5-year-old: At this age your child becomes very social, interested in group play with friends and asks lots of why? and how? questions. We support this socialization with many cooperative group activities and always encourage questions. Circle time, writing skills, pre-reading, math skills, and daily journals become more important as we prepare for Kindergarten.

Auntie’s Playhouse holds a graduation ceremony every year at the beginning of June for Preschool children who are entering Kindergarten. Families and friends are all welcome to attend this special day!