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Little Christian Preschool

11620 21st Avenue Southwest, 98146 Burien, Washington, United States

Age Range: 3 to 5

Hours: Part day

Phone:  (206) 244-2113

Website URL:

Neighborhood:  Shorewood

Address:  11620 21st Ave SW, Burien

About Us:

Little Christian Preschool has been providing families with quality care and education since 1966. We believe children should have the best possible start in life and help make that a reality by providing curriculum and instruction that centers around God's love and care for us. We create age-appropriate learning opportunities at all levels, which prepare children for their education and life beyond preschool.

The Little Christian Preschool staff is committed to:

  • Nurture each child in developing and/or maintaining a positive self-concept as a child of God.
  • Offer all children sound educational and social opportunities at an age-appropriate level.
  • Use positive reinforcement to create a warm, friendly, and well-managed learning and social environment.
  • Promote and stress Christian values through the teaching and management of our program.
  • Maintain a loving Christian environment that stimulates educational growth, offers a variety of learning activities, enhances social awareness and responsibility, provides positive individual and group interaction, and promotes self-assurance.

Little Christian Preschool Goals


  • Teach children about God's love and allow them to experience it firsthand.
  • Celebrate God's goodness through His Creation.
  • Foster each child's sense of personal worth and value.


  • Strengthen each child's positive self-image, confidence, and independence.
  • Encourage freedom of expression.
  • Teach children to own their feelings and manage them appropriately.


  • Nurture within each child the qualities of curiosity, imagination, and independent thinking.
  • Encourage children to develop a positive attitude toward teachers, school, and learning.
  • Prepare children well for Kindergarten and future learning.


  • Stress courtesy, respect, and concern for each person's well-being.
  • Learn honesty, kindness, responsibility, and the importance of respecting and sharing with others.
  • Encourage self-confidence, cooperation, and love towards one another.


  • Provide opportunities to develop large and small muscles.
  • Develop an awareness of the five senses.
  • Develop greater eye/hand coordination.

Our Staff

The caring staff at Little Christian Preschool is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where all children can develop a healthy, happy, and secure approach to living and learning. A developmental approach is used to teach the whole child (spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive) in preparation for Kindergarten and life.