Map of West Seattle Preschools

South Preschool

15201-15255 10th Avenue Southwest, 98166 Burien, Washington, United States

Age Range: 2.5 to 5

Hours: Part day

Phone:  (206) 246-9100

Website URL:

Neighborhood:  Lake Burien

Address:  1005 SW 152nd St., Burien

About Us: 

Nurturing your child's mind

Small children are impressionable. At South Preschool, our team advocates education at a young age because it gives the mind time to adapt to the changing environments.

Our philosophy of education is one that blankets the development of your child in a holistic learning environment. Working with your child as a whole being gives them greater preparation for embarking on higher education. South Preschool and its teachers strive to provide your child with the groundwork to become an individual who succeeds at their own pace. Our teachers are dedicated to providing the tools for your child to develop holistically.

Understanding our purpose

  • Emotionally preparing your child for a positive self-image and transitions from home into a structured environment
  • Socially preparing your child to experience a greater range of interaction with peers
  • Intellectually solving problems and building skills for future success
  • Creatively providing opportunities to express themselves through sensory experiences