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Three Tree Montessori School

220 Southwest 160th Street, 98166 Burien, Washington, United States

Age Range: Infant to 5+

Hours: Part Day / Full Day

Phone:  (206) 242-5100

Website URL:

Neighborhood:  Five Corners

Address:  220 SW 160th St., Burien

About Us:

Welcome to Three Tree Montessori School, a private, nonprofit, Association Montessori Internationale–accredited school for children from 15 months to twelve years old. Guided by the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, we provide education for life and are dedicated to helping all children develop into confident, self-motivated, and responsible global citizens.

Three Tree Montessori School is a community founded by its community. Have you ever seen one of those old Hollywood movies in which everyone pitches in and saves the farm, or the show, or the burning house? Our school was passionately rescued from the ashes of another school, in a similar action-packed narrative.

Zoom in on the 2002–2003 school year. Three Tree Montessori School was yet to be. A different school. A privately owned Montessori school had just moved into a new building. It was an exciting time. Children were thriving. The school was growing. And the new facility would allow for the development of a toddler program, ample gardens, and playgrounds.

But the school was facing financial issues. And when children returned after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday ready to begin classes again the staff was laid off without notice and the 120-student school was no more. That could have been the end of the school, and of the community that had grown up around it. But in the middle of the chaos, something extraordinary was born. The community — parents, grandparents, staff — worked together to keep the school alive.

In a true grassroots effort, they all pitched in to do everything: audited books, manned the office, patched the roof, and swept the floors. And soon, a new school emerged, out of the good that was left behind.

A board of directors was established, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit status was immediately filed for, allowing for greater transparency and democratic governance. With only $500 left in the bank, our school was founded by and for its community. A vote of staff, children, and parents led to a new name and a new identity: Three Tree Montessori School.

Zoom out to the present day. Three Tree Montessori School is thriving by focusing on our simple mission of transforming the world one child at a time.