Preserved Fruits and Vegetables – It All Counts!

Healthy Fruit Snack for KidsDo you ever feel overwhelmed at how many times you have to provide food for your kids? Breakfast then snacks then lunch then snacks then dinner then snacks, snacks, snacks!

Cooking used to be a hobby of mine, and I guess it still is most of the time, but it can also occasionally be classified as a “chore”!

The worst for me is when I come home from an outing with hungry kids at mealtime, with no ideas, and a bare kitchen just before the necessary grocery trip. Yikes! Not to mention the added pressure of feeling like I want to provide a balanced meal that includes fruits and vegetables.

One thing that helps me feel a little more prepared for these situations is always having dried, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables on hand. Yes, there is all of the hype about the loss of nutrients and added sugar or sodium in fruits and vegetables that have been preserved. But eating these fruits and vegetables is hands down better than not having any at all. Also, studies have shown that most nutrients are preserved in frozen fruits and vegetables. As for the drawbacks of canned foods, try choosing canned fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or salt.

We love the dried fruits as they are easily transportable and are a less messy snack.

So stock your kitchen with frozen, canned and dried in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables! This will help you be prepared for the bare-kitchen meals and it also helps to add more variety and sources of fruits and vegetables for your family!

Remember, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, it all counts!