Early Education Resources

Creative KidsThe most certain way to raise creative kids is to be a role model. In short, be creative for yourself and watch the creativity in your child flourish! 

We humans are creative by nature. In fact, creativity is our birthright. It’s like breathing.

If your creative battery needs a charge, here are some tips to shake things up.


Exercise and a healthy diet

Jump start your creative juices with exercise and a wide variety of living fruits and vegetables. Try to include every color in the rainbow!  And don’t forget to share how great it makes you feel with your children!

It’s not rocket science. Kids like to do what they see adults do. Eating unhealthy and having a sedentary lifestyle is not the way to encourage a creative and healthy lifestyle for our children. 



It’s a fact. People who meditate are healthier and happier. Meditation calms the mind by shifting stressed-out brain activity to the calmer left frontal cortex. Ten short minutes of meditation can clear the fog and super-charge your creative edge.

Meditation for kids can also be beneficial. We have all seen our children as they try to work through emotions. Being able to calm the mind is a necessary capability for a happy and fulfilling life.

As you “role model” meditation, take note of your personal benefits and of your kids as they learn from you.


Try something new 

It’s a no-brainer. Curiosity regenerates the brain. Spending time and energy with the new, can increase the shape, size, and number of neurons in our brain, and weave new connections between them.  

Virtually everything is new to your kids of course. But encouraging a little more is always a great thing to do, whether it’s a new artistic venture or trying a new food or trying to count the animals they can see in the clouds! (By the way, how many did you see?)


Be curious

Step outside the box. Ask “what if” questions of yourself every day and practice divergent thinking.  Be sure to encourage your kid’s creativity with open ended questions as well!


Walk twenty minutes every day

Breathe deeply and let everything just be. Watch and smell everything. When you walk, channel your inner child (either literally or vicariously as you watch your child!). Enjoy the feel and sounds of the rain. Stomp through a puddle (if you dare!).


Dance around the house

Put on some old time rock ‘n roll or disco or Bon Jovi and shake some serious booty. Turn the music up and sing loud. Lose the cool. Laugh. Boogie with your kids. Can you dance like them? That’s creativity at its finest.


Go to a play. Visit an art gallery. See a live concert.

Get out of the house and soak in other people’s creative energy. Creativity is contagious. You’ll be inspired and so will your kids!


Kill the TV

Or at least stuff a sock in it. Read a book about something you’ve never been interested in before. Stir up those little grey cells.


Create time for yourself. Every day.

Creativity is part of who we are. It’s how we’re wired.

So create something you love. Write. Paint. Journal. Make music. Sculpt. Do what brings you joy. And each day find a few moments to be still. Listen to your heart beat in your chest.  And one day when you feel a little nudge on your shoulder, you’ll know your muse is smiling.

As for your kids, when they see you write, they will write. When they see you paint, they will paint. When they see… Well, you get the picture. Be creative for yourself and watch the creativity in your child flourish! 

K.J. Larsen’s Cat DeLuca Mysteries, are published by Poisoned Pen Press. Larsens’ debut novel, Liar Liar, was awarded Library Journals Best Mystery, 2010. Liar, Liar, Sticks and Stones, and Some Like It Hot are available at the Seattle Mystery Bookstore and on Amazon. Cat’s fourth adventure, Bye Bye, Love, will be released April 2015