My Son’s Favorite Chicken

Great Tasting Chicken Recipes for KidsOpen Sesame!!!

My son actually said on two separate occasions that this sesame chicken I made for dinner was his favorite chicken. For this picky eater to say that about something (not including chocolate ice cream), it must be a good recipe! The whole family likes it and it is very easy (a necessary qualification in my daily life). I used chicken thighs but I’ve also made similar recipes with chicken breast, so whatever you have or whatever is on sale can work!

Sticky Sesame Chicken:

I also love that the recipe includes sesame seeds which taste yummy and are a good source of minerals, fiber and phytosterols. Phytosterols are found in plant cell membranes and are chemically shaped similar to cholesterol. When eaten together, phytosterols block some of the cholesterol in foods from being absorbed into the body.

I buy the sesame seeds from the bulk section of my grocery store and sometimes throw some in a batch of cookies or hot cereal for an extra nutritional punch. They are also great toasted and sprinkled on veggies to add an easy, fancy-looking, nutty-flavored touch.