3 Super Foods Kids Should Try

Healthy Foods for KidsGrowing up I didn’t even know the word “tofu”, and if I did, I probably would have thought it was too weird to eat. It fascinates me that my kids, and many other kids I’ve met, actually eat this food! If you introduce foods without prejudice or judgment to your kids, they can make their own decisions based on their taste. So even if you might think your kids will never eat something, just offer it, you never know! Inevitably as they grow they will go through picky phases, often influenced by outside sources, but if you give them early exposure to a variety of foods, the base for an open mind to eating can offer a lifetime of adventure, health and enjoyment!

Following are 3 Super Foods that will be great for your kid to try, including Tofu!

High in protein and fiber, beans offer a cheap powerhouse of long-lasting energy. Serve them right out of the can, rinsed, as a snack or throw them in a casserole or burrito for a quick and easy meal. To entertain your toddler on rainy days, make your snack activity last a little longer by serving rinsed, canned beans in a mini muffin tin alternating with whole grain crackers or veggies in the other holes.

Avocados are high in heart-healthy fat, fiber, potassium, beta carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin K. Their soft, creamy texture makes them perfect as one of the first foods for infants, either pureed with some breast milk or formula, or mashed well. Avocados are versatile enough to accompany any meal – serve them with eggs for a high-energy breakfast, or mash with lime juice and spread on bread instead of mayo at lunch. They often make an appearance as a finger food on our table, paired with cubed cheese, fruit and bread – makes a colorful, balanced and healthy toddler meal.

Its soft texture and mild flavor make tofu a toddler favorite. Often infants who are still getting used to the texture of meat will gobble it up as well. Tofu is an inexpensive, easy-to-prepare source of protein. My kids eat it straight from the fridge, cubed and topped with a drizzle of soy sauce. Or sauté or bake it and serve as an entrée.