Family Activity and Craft – Kids Art and Valentine Winter Tree Branch Display

Use this fun activity to make a beautiful display of your kids original Valentine’s Day art and those adorable Valentines they get from their classmates!

Step 1: Collect Branches with Your Kids

Together, search outside for fallen branches and collect however many you need to fill a vase.  If the branches are wet, let them dry for a few hours to a day.  Brush any dirt or very loose bark off of branch.  It doesn’t have to be completely smooth because having some branch show through the paint enhances the natural look.

Step 2: Fun Painting Time for Your Kids

Have your kids paint the branches using white paint.  We used kids’ washable tempura, and it has held up well for over a month.  Allow to dry.  Sparkles or glitter might be a nice addition too!

Step 3: Arrange in Vase

Arrange painted branches in vase.

Step 4: Display Your Kids Valentines

Using a hole puncher, punch holes in artwork and/or Valentine’s cards.  Attach a ribbon or string, and hang on branches.