Yogurt and Berry Popsicles – A Fun and Healthy Treat

Healthy Berry Popsicle Recipe for KidsThese yogurt pops use sweet, fresh berries or fruit to eliminate the need for adding sweetener other than what is already in the yogurt. It also makes them much healthier than most frozen treats from the store that come loaded with sugar. Amuse your kids and make this healthy treat together! It’s so easy that kids can almost make the popsicles themselves!


  • 1 cup yogurt (any flavor, we like vanilla)
  • 1 cup fresh berries or fruit
  • ¼ cup milk (this amount will vary depending on the thickness of the yogurt you use)


  1. Slightly smash berries or fruit in a large bowl to release some of the juice
  2. Whisk in yogurt and milk until smooth and creamy
  3. Pour into Popsicle mold, or Dixie cups with sticks
  4. Freeze and enjoy!