Seven Ways to Foster a Lifelong Zest for Learning

Zest for LearningA child’s brain is an extraordinary powerhouse that makes new connections with each bit of knowledge and experience. Creative and cultural opportunities empower children to find their niche and make sense of this amazing world. By encouraging creativity and imagination, we can help kids develop a healthy brain and a well-rounded personality.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s important for children to discover and embrace a lifelong passion for learning. Here are seven ways we can help our kids love to learn.

  • Make learning exciting and fun. Don’t be afraid to step out of your intellect and into your imagination. Inject excitement into every day.
  • Encourage kids to explore ideas independently and at their own pace. Provide experiences that build confidence and boost self esteem.
  • Teach capacity, not just skills. When children see they have the capacity to do and to think, all things become possible.
  • Make a game out of brain exercises. A few fun exercises can integrate both sides of the brain, improve coordination, and enhance learning. You can find many good sites online. Here is just one example: Brain Gym Exercises for the Classroom
  • Teach a global perspective. Pick one evening a month for a family culinary world tour dinner. Check out library books and discover the cultural traditions and diet of this month’s country. Your kids can study cook books, and write a grocery list, decorate, and help prepare the world tour dinner.
  • Role model a zest for learning. Read. Explore. Take an active interest in your child’s projects. Your enthusiasm for knowledge is contagious.
  • Be a passionately curious, creative, and resilient family. Dare to make mistakes. Take Risks. Embrace challenges. Resist editing and don’t judge. Think of learning as a process of growing and changing. And always try to see the bigger picture.

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